Rozella Real Estate: Mohammed Hamza’s Vision for Dubai

Real estate is no simple industry. The fluctuations of the market give real estate investors a 95% failure rate. For most people starting out, real estate is just a hobby. However, despite the risks, some investors are able to go all in and reap the benefits of the fluctuating market. To be truly successful in real estate, you have to be more than just an agency.

Mr. Mohammed Hamza is one of those passionate entrepreneurs who saw a need, specifically in the real estate industry in Dubai, and he developed a creative way to meet those needs. Mohammed Hamza founded his brokerage company in 2016, and since forming his business, he has changed the real estate experience in the luxurious city of Dubai. Rozella Real Estate is more than just a real estate agency. They help serve people from start to finish to accomplish their own real estate goals.

Rozella Real Estate is one of the best real estate agencies in the city of Dubai. More with a focus on the tangible needs of his clients, Mr. Hamza has set up a system in which his clients receive help moving from one location to Dubai if they desire. Mr. Hamza calls it “The Life Set Up” system, and his company helps with financial planning, moving, and even ensuring your family is set up in a good school system upon arrival. Clients get to choose their preferences, and Hamza makes their dreams a reality.

Another way that Mr. Hamza stands out in the real estate world is through his global investment strategies. The world is a fast-moving and ever-growing place where there are constantly new ways to make money. Mohammed sees the opportunity at hand when you broaden your horizon from a locality to global investment. This is why he seeks people internationally to invest in Dubai real estate to connect people from all over the world for the same goal: beautifying a city.

Rozella Real Estate has grown in appreciation and popularity in its city because of its ability to help people from start to finish. Despite the success, Rozella has experienced major setbacks as well. The pandemic in 2020 affected many businesses, and we as a world are still recovering economically. Hamza and his team were fortunate enough to not lose any assets, however, they realized that unexpected events are bound to happen at any moment. The economic crisis that followed the pandemic inspired Mr. Hamza to institute a way for his clients to have guidance through economic crises.

Clients are offered solutions to life’s unplanned disasters, and Rozella Real Estate makes sure that the client’s needs are all met. Through mortgage planning, financial planning, and even offering loans, Rozella Real Estate doesn’t just stick with you through one transaction. They stick with you through life.

Making connections in business is how to grow and develop a successful clientele. For Mr. Hamza, his agency is focused on forming and maintaining life-long relationships with their clients. To help his clients grow and succeed in their real estate and financial endeavors is his goal, and Mohammed has impacted his community for good in the process.



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